Frequently Asked Questions

What are points?

Our organization requires accumulation of participation “points” for membership.  As a member you are expected to attend two meeting PER SEMESTER as well as two community events and one social event PER SEMESTER.  That means you need ten points by the end of the year.

Will we be doing any volunteer activities?

Yes, every month we have a particular place that needs volunteers where we go and provide helping hands to whoever needs it. They are not necessarily strictly related to medical fields.

This year we plan on expanding our volunteer opportunities.  Important for your medical school application is a commitment to a weekly volunteer opportunity.  We plan on offering one or two events that members can attend every week.

What happens at the meetings?

At each meeting, we invite a guest speaker related to the medical field to come and give a speech that provides the students with valuable information. We also discuss our volunteer activities for the month.

What are the time and location of the meeting?

Times for meetings are 7:00pm on Tuesday nights, unless otherwise specified. They are located in Chemistry room 113. For more information click our Meetings tab.

How much are dues?

The charge is $15 for the academic year, and $10 for the semester. They are due by the second meeting, and you will not be allowed to participate in events until dues are paid.

What if I can’t attend a meeting?

Minutes for our meetings will be posted on the Meetings page.  If you have any other questions, contact our secretary.

Where can I get a t-shirt?

Orders for t-shirts will be collected at meetings.  The shirts are $12 each.

Some of the common questions regarding admission to the Medical School of Texas Tech University are answered in the page from the Health Science Center. Click here to view the page.


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